Experience a Slovakian Stag Do in Popular Bratislava

If you are seeking for a popular stag do destination, then Bratislava would be a likely candidate. This compact Slovakian city situated at the banks of the River Danube is a reflection of old charm amidst a modern city environment. Densely populated with a population of 450,000, Bratislava is only 45 minutes by train to Vienna.

Nevertheless, a Bratislava stag do is appealing due to the compactness of the city, an element that makes it easy to do a pub crawl. Furthermore, the wide variety of day activities lined up will definitely keep you busy all day long!.For starters, have a go at the Aerotrim Astro Trainer that simulates a state of weightlessness just like an astronaut in space. In enclosure reinforced by three movable rings and are able to move any way three dimensionally. However, as you can turn around every which way, this is not a sport for the queasy ones or if you just have had too much to drink.

You won't want your puke splattering every which way!.Another unique Bratislava stag do would have to be the mud wrestling activity. Held in a ring with two bikini clad female mud wrestlers, the lucky guy gets a chance to wrestle with these two for 3 rounds.

To make it even more exciting, one from your stag group will have the opportunity to be he commentary for the event.Want a taste of a different type of Bungee jumping for your stag do? Well, in Bratislava it's called Bridge Swinging and includes a double safety system which makes your jump more exhilarating than any other Bungee jump you have ever experienced. Furthermore, with the proximity of this bridge to the city centre will help to infuse an even greater element of adrenalin! Qualified instructors are around to ensure that you adhere to all safety precautions.

.Have all these exciting stag do activities stirred you to make Bratislava your next destination? Well, with a Chillisauce guide such as Shane Williss by your side, you will definitely in for a good time. We at Chillisauce live and eat stag dos, which is why we are committed to providing you only the best that Bratislava has to offer.

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By: Shane Williss

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