Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are used to identify your luggage and until recently have been made of paper inserted into a plastic pouch or just plain cardboard paper tied with a string to your luggage. Luggage tags are now or can be as unique as you are. Luggage tags now are made of durable plastic. There is a variety of colors, designs and themes available.

Your name and address are printed in black ink either on one or both sides of the tag. If you get it on one side you can choose a picture or theme for the other side depending on your interests. Themes for the tags can be related to occupations such as police or EMS service. They can reflect patriotic scenes such as a flag or the American Bald Eagle. Others reflect various branches of the armed services.

Still others identify the crew members. Some more available themes are emoticons, quilting squares, and animals. You can have fun creating a tag that will be identifiable and quickly spotted. Customized tags can be created with images of your own choosing, company logos (with written consent from the company), or you can simply have your contact information on both sides of the tags. Always check with the tag manufacturer before sending your own images as they may not be returnable.

The more durable type tags such as these have the potential of reducing luggage loss and theft. The tags are brightly colored and easily seen on the bag carousel. .

By: Jerry Smith

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