Murder Mystery Party Ideas

Delight your inner sleuth with a Murder Mystery Party. There are lots of fun ways to have this type of party. If you have the money available you can hire actors to play out a mini murder mystery over the course of the party. Guests will have loads of fun trying to figure out who done it.Or if you think you can manage it gather a few of your friends before the party to rehearse a murder mystery of your own. Then you can take part in the mystery at your own party, while guests outside the loop try to figure out what's going on.

Also, it can be fun to have your own Clue Murder Mystery Party. Rent the movie, and break out the board game. If your thinking of acting out a murder mystery, you may wish to check out a couple of Agatha Christie Novels and model your party after the british cozy writer.

Or you can get some Raymond Chandler novels and create a hard boiled detective party.Guests can come wearing costumes from the thirties and you can play music from the era in the background. Any murder mystery party should have a dinner table scene.

It gives your guests a chance to refuel, and exchange questions concerning the mystery with the actors. You may even have someone pretend to be poisoned and die right at the table. It will be difficult for people to pretend to be dead during the course of the entire party so you may wish to move the 'body' as it were to the guest bedroom. Once there, the actor can hang out during the rest of the party or change into a different costume and 'arrive' at the party as a different guest. Party favors can be whistles and magnifying glasses.

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By: Gail Leino

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