St Petersburg Florida Museums

Come explore the arts in the City of St. Petersburg! Home to six stunning museums, this city prides itself on its contribution to the arts. The Salvador Dali Museum has been opened since 1982 and is the world's most comprehensive museum on the late 20th century surrealist's paintings. Enjoy some of the largest Dali paintings in the world!.Great Explorations Hand on Museum, is a place where you not only look at art, but you touch it.

Imaginations come alive just by walking through the facility and exploring. There are lots of exhibits and shows to get your mind and fingers moving!.The Florida Holocaust Museum is committed to providing public awareness, education and understanding of the influence of bigotry and prejudice that was demonstrated during the Holocaust. This time of tragic history is portrayed in a way that brings recognition of the events and alert people to the dangers of such ignorance.The Florida International Museum is a non-profit museum that offers educational, cultural and historic exhibitions.

It opened in 1995 and has offered such exhibits as the Titanic, John F. Kennedy, Treasure of the Czars, and Cuban Missile Crisis.The Museum of Fine Arts has a collection of more than 4,000 objects from the past to today that enhance your understanding of art and culture. Take a class, view an exhibit or a film in order to get a more comprehensive knowledge of the art pieces shown at this alluring location.St.

Petersburg Museum of History collects and preserves pieces of St. Petersburg's history to show people the beauty that this city has portrayed in the past and will portray in the future.Many residents, visitors and students have viewed these sensational museums and learned for themselves what the city of St. Petersburg already knows. Supporting museums and the arts not only brings education and awareness to people but is a way to preserve the history and tell the story of our past.

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