Types of Motorhomes

Though there may be several designs and flavors of motorhomes, they are technically classified as type A, type B, type C or bus conversions. All the types are motorised homes but each has different features and capacity to suit different purposes and budgets. A motohome can measure 21 to 45 feet.The type A is the largest of all and comes loaded with facilities and high end equipment for long trips and can be used as permanet abode by any person.

It is built on special chassis and may cost $57,000 to $1.4 m.It has a gallery, living area, sleeping quarters, permanent sanitary facilities. There is power, back up batteries, water holding tanks and an onboard generator.The class A is highly spacious and that allows it to have extra comforts like a refrigerator, washer-dryer, large-screen TV, computerized leveling system, satellite navigation system, satellite dish, slideout room extension and large storage bays.

One major disadvantage of the class a type is that it is not manoeverable due to its length and bulkiness. Again, it is too low and therefore unsuitable for rugged environments.The type B is like a converted van and can be said to be the smallest in the range of self contained motorhomes. It is basically a truck which had been modified to have sleeping, living and dining rooms. The price range for this class is between $42,000 to $73,000 and measures 16 to 34 feet.

The class B is easy to drive and therefore manoeverable. If you need to do a lot of turning and visiting small communities on the trip, this is the ideal one as it can driven around any corner and also manage sharp turns. It is suitable for short stay camping and smaller groups of say 3.The limitation is that you have less space, and a low ceiling which means you cannot transport objects that stand tall. You also have a small gas tank which will require refueling a lot.

Type C is a small motorhome mounted on the chassis of a van. It also offers a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Though they can offer all the comforts of class A motorhome, they look crammed. The type C cannot have full size beds but come with bunker types.

They are easy to manoevre and can manage sharp turns or narrow roads.It cost about $48,000 to $139,000 and measure 20 to 35 feet.The bus conversions are full size buses converted to a motorhome. This type is most suitable for large group camping. Their large size enables them to have luxury sofas and most of the bulky comforts of a home.

They scost between $100,000 to $1m and measure 35 to 45 feet.The choice of a motorhome will depend on so many factors including budget, your needs assessment and whether or not you ned manoeverability or not.

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By: Peter Lenkefi

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