Zlata Praha

The capital city of Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and very popular tourist destination. Tour to Prague includes excursions to unique historical monuments, delicious Czech meal a lot of cultural entertainments ? theatre, opera, museums and others.Prague has received several nicknames during its long history. "The city of 100 spires" ? this name was given in the beginning of the XIX century. The mathematician and philosopher Bernardo Bolsano counted 103 spires in the city. Now their amount has grown up to 500.

The most renowned Prague nickname is Zlata Praha. Its origins date back to the time of the Charles IV, Czech king and the German Emperor. He ordered to golden all the towers in the city. The other theory says that it was during the reign of Rudolf II who supported gold production experiments. Prague Castle is the most popular and visited castle and attraction in Prague.

Its history began in the XIX century. The castle has always been a residence of the Czech rulers and now it's the residence of the president of Czech Republic. The must-sees are Saint Vitas Castle, beautiful gardens «Na valech» and «Rajska zahrada» and the Golden lane. The castle is open from 5.00 till 23.

00 everyday (from April till September up to midnight). The Lesser Quarter (Mala Strana) is situated on the hill between Castle and Vltava. Narrow streets, buildings and palaces in Renaissance style, baroque churches and cathedrals create the special atmosphere of Mala Strana. One of the most picturesque places in the district is the Letna Park on the west side of the Vltava River.

One of the Prague symbols - Charles Bridge (Karluv most) was built in the XIV century and now is considered to be the most photographed place in the city. It always overcrowded, so if you like to visit the bridge you'd better go there as yearly as possible.The old city has been the heart of Prague since X century.

The unique architecture, the fusion of Gothic and Roman styles were later contributed by the baroque decoration after the great fire in XVII-XVIII centuries. Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namesti) has always been the centre of city's cultural life. The square is surrounded by the theaters, cinemas, restaurants, shops and banks.The twelfth century Old Town Square was the main marketplace and now is a popular tourist destination with numerous stunning buildings. At the centre of the square stands the memorial to Jan Hus.

There are also the Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock and the Church of Our Lady before Tyn. Petrin hill is the net of 8 parks ad other attractions. The best place for walks, it attracts a lot of visitors every day.

On the hill you can see the tower, the observatory and the labyrinth.Anyway, this beautiful city in the middle of Europe is really worth visiting!.

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By: Constance Blair

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